Everything Changes

by The Benefit



Very little in our world, if anything, stays the same. Change affects everyone and everything. We fear change for the same reason we embrace it; it's out of our control. Change has happened, is happening, and will continue to happen.
This album presents a change for our band. We've changed. We're different people, with different interests, sharing this creative bond with one another. We're more than just a band of three friends; we're a family - a f*cking tripod. With this record, we'd like to invite you to join our family, grow with us, and listen in as EVERYTHING CHANGES.


released December 25, 2015

The Benefit is:
Grant Cox - vocals, drums, percussion, organ (5)
Matt Daly - vocals, bass, additional guitar (3, 7, 8, 11), lead guitar (4), mellotron (7)
Max Shaffer - vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, mandolin (2, 10), keyboards (9)

Additional Musicians:
Levi Driskell - vocals (4)
Skylee Shaffer - vocals (7)
Gavin Cox - background vocals (2)
Mark Daly - background vocals (2)
Liza Haggenjos - trumpet (10)

Produced, Engineered, and Mixed by Matt Daly
Additional Production, Mixing, and Mastering by Jordan Puckett
Recorded at "Daly Mansion"
Mastered at onetwentyseven Studios

Artwork by Max Shaffer



all rights reserved


The Benefit Winchester, Indiana

The Benefit is an alternative rock band from East-Central Indiana that serves up a tasty musical palette by combining elements of funk, punk, and reggae to create a truly unique sound.

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Track Name: Tell Me
Tell me
Where else will I run to, where else will I go?

Seems like a hopeless cause, I'm a hopeless case
Everything changes
It's easier to run away from it all
Everything changes

Well I've been going through the motions but I look fine
Yeah, I look fine
No one knows they're all the motions, they're all lies
Yeah, I'm a lie

Tell me
Where you think I'm headed, where you think I'll go?

Lyrics: Grant Cox
Track Name: Sailing On for Violet
So I'll scour the waves for memories
Of the love we used to share
I'm sailing on for Violet, I'm sailing on
I'm sailing on for Violet

There was a man who knew it all
And one day all he knew came crashing down
Like the waves across the deck, they washed
The memories of Violet all away
The girl who taught him how to live
The same who sent him out to sea to die

Horizon never seemed so far
The limits of the earth stretched on for days
I long forgot of life back home
The sirens of the sea, it had their ways
They couldn't take my will to live
But they sure took the life I left behind

And for every broken man breaking his back out on the sea
There's a girl back on land, where his heart used to be
Her name may not be Violet, but he'll cry it out the same
'til Poseidon drags him down and the ship goes up in flames

Lyrics: Max Shaffer
Track Name: I'm Gone
Girl you seem long gone, you know I've been missing
If I would listen to the words on the lips I've been kissing
I would have found out sooner you'd been sleeping around
I'd take you strong to the hoop, but they could be your rebound
I gotta leave it to believe it, you know what I mean
I take a step back, I do what I please
You wanna dance in the rain? I'll take a rain check
You keep on bringing me pain, I'm on my skate deck, baby

I'm gone, I'm gone and I ain't coming back
I'm gone, I'm gone and you ain't getting jack
You should've thought of me before you went to cheat, girl
Running around like that
I'm gone, I'm gone and I ain't coming back
I'm gone, I'm gone and you ain't getting jack

I don't give no second chances
You play me for a fool while you're out romancing
You keep coming back like a boomerang
Baby more like a bomb going off with a bang
Chop, chop, baby, better clean it up
You're spilling your guts like a red SOLO cup
And if you think I've had enough, you hit the nail on the head
Nooses up, baby, 'cause your better off dead

I've been bending over backwards just to try to make you see
That what you're doing is just screwing, girl you better believe
I won't take it no more, I won't take it no more
I'm going, going, gone

Lyrics: Grant Cox, Matt Daly
Track Name: 18, in Love with Me (ft. Levi Driskell)
She's eighteen and in love with me
But not when he's around
She's eighteen, wants to fly away with me
But my feet won't leave the ground
She's eighteen, so young to me
But not behind those baby blues
She's eighteen and a boy's dream
But dreams are only maybe truths

And if I could tell her just the way that I feel
Maybe I could feel a little more

She's eighteen and in love with me
But not when he's around
She's eighteen, got the world up her sleeve
But her sleeves are falling down
She's eighteen, can't deceive
But my thoughts must hide from you
She's eighteen, baby just like spring
But spring can turn a warm heart blue

And if I could just tell her how I feel
Maybe I could feel a little more

Lyrics: Matt Daly
Track Name: Clockwork
It's just like clockwork
It comes back around again
It's just like clockwork
What the world's offering me, my friend
So I keep moving on, yeah I keep moving on
Just to come back again

It's just like clockwork
How we' always on the mend
It's just like clockwork
We fight and we just pretend
So I keep moving on, yeah I keep moving on
Just to come back again

Well I know every single day I go through the same routine
And I know I can't just sit around and wait for change
Well I know it's a lot easier to complain about your life and about the world
But that ain't never gonna make a change

It's just like clockwork
The things that she say to me
It's just like clockwork
How we always disagree
So I keep moving on, yeah I keep moving on
Just to come back again

Nah, nah, yeah

Well I know there will be triumph, but there will be so much more trial
And I know the easiest thing to do is fall
Well I know it's so much easier to just give up on yourself and on the world
But I don't want to give up on it all

Lyrics: Grant Cox
Track Name: Beats, Rhymes, and Space Time
I can sing like I'm talking and rock it like I'm Steven Hawking
Dropping bombs about atoms and slamming quantum mechanics
Here's your grand unification, my rhymes are station to station
So it's time you tuned in for some scientific information

Beats, rhymes, and space time
Entropy's climbing and time and space are intertwining
Beats, rhymes, and space time
Entropy's climbing, colliding with event horizons

From biggest to smallest, I'll call it, all of it's connected
I expected a pattern, fractal, reflected at any scale or matter
Atoms to Saturn, orbs with rings orbiting a nucleus
All of the stardust got the cosmos in the heart of us

All in all, from the smallest of smalls
All of existence, the universe, and everything in it
We are here, in the middle, and we are beyond the infinite

Lyrics: Max Shaffer
Track Name: Hannah's Dream (ft. Skylee Shaffer)
Hannah's dream, simple as it seems
Is it just a piece of the fantasy machine?
Hannah's dream, God tell me what it means
Are we lost? Give us something to believe

Hannah had a dream she was the king of a regime
Never bowed to any man, stands proud as she can be
Hannah dreams of scenes she's never seen on silver screens
Knuckles white, her fists held tight, resists without a scream
Hannah sinks her teeth into a life she's not beneath
The rights she's had to justify, thrust high beyond her reach

Hannah's been kept down because her skin is slightly brown
The preacher man, the teacher man, grin whiter than a clown
Hannah dreams of peace that isn't sanctioned by police
Anxiously awake at night, she vies the gunfire to cease

Hannah had a choice but she was not given a voice
Richer men are living in the Hill where bills are void
Hannah wants to pray but she's not sure what to say
The men of God say, "God's a man," pushing her further away

Lyrics: Matt Daly
Track Name: So Cliché
Well I remember when the sun came up
I was longing for your loving but it wasn't enough
And I went searching for it everyday
Fearing you walking out, up, up, and away
Well I'm ready for the real thing
As long as it ain't boring

Well I love you, I want to be with you
Well I love you forever and always
Well I love you, I know it's so cliche
Well I love you forever and always

Well I remember when the sun went down
I was longing for your loving but it wasn't around
And I went searching for it every night
And I wonder why the flutter in my gut resides
I know this is where I start
When I look into your heart

Well I remember underneath the stars
No longer longing for your loving cause your loving is ours
And I know I don't have to go and question you
Cause I know you're here with me, finally, like glue
Feel the sand between my toes
Got no fear cause now I know

Lyrics: Grant Cox
Track Name: Renegades and Outlaws
They said upstrokes were dead
Killed by a lady in a suit of meat
I said they're still ringing in my head
I'll take my kicks, she can lead her sheep

We're renegades and outlaws
They don't want us anymore
Yeah we're renegades and outlaws
The soundtrack that's sparking up a war

Basements, where the music is made
Loud, cause the man's gotta hear us up there
Downtown all the suits get paid
They sing of passion but they don't care

The public is snoring cause the radio is boring
But the underground is roaring cause punk rock is enduring
Their gig is ignoring, you fly, we're soaring
Grab a guitar, get roaring, cause punk rock is restoring

Lyrics: Max Shaffer
Track Name: This City (Babylon)
Babylon, this city we built
Pitiless steps, walls lined with guilt
Where the common man tries to make end's meet
But he's kept down-pressed on this dead end street
Just slipping and sliding, still trying, no denying
That the slope's a little steeper when you're climbing to Zion
When you're kept in check by the discotheque
Gotta kiss your neck just to get respect

When the day begun not a soul around
When the day is done a new king is crowned
When the waves come crashing, the sky fall down
Babylon city gonna burn to the ground
These walls collapse with a thunderous sound
Babylon city gonna burn to the ground
Gonna lead the march to a higher ground
Babylon city gonna burn to the ground
With a fist held high, reclaim the crown
This city

Babylon, this city we love
Just one nation, under and above
A place for the meager, a place for hope
Where the eager embrace on a race for dope
Like a contest, congest the best
New quest, digest, invest the rest
Spit a little venom on these city walls
And take a stand cause it ain't your time to fall

Babylon, this city of mine
Take another hit, everybody's feeling fine
(Are you feeling fine?)

Lyrics: Matt Daly
Track Name: Chasing the Sun
I've been tripping 'round the world
Got a lot on my mind, yeah girl
But my thoughts always come back to you

Should I just forfeit this game
Chasing fortune and fame
Tell me, what's a boy to do?

Cause I'd like to settle down, girl
I'd like to settle down with you

I've been chasing the sun's rays, all my days
Running from a life I can't escape
Keep on chasing the new wave, everyday
Crash a little harder than yesterday

And the ocean tide turns as the summer sky burns
And it fades away
Chasing the sun can seem like such fun
'Til it fades away

I've been driving for a while
Oh baby, know I miss your smile
Got a charm I can't escape

Should I give up on this run yet
Tell me girl, are we done yet?
You and me and the sunset makes three
Let's watch it go down, back at my place

Lyrics: Matt Daly