Summertime Fling (ft. Levi Driskell)

by The Benefit



A mellow reflection on summertime love and loss.


Another early morning, lying on the beach
The surf is low but never feels too out of reach
The sun is shining down, the trees dance with the air
As I think about the girl with the flower in her hair
I remember that summer like its yesterday
I met you on the beach where we both said 'hey'
A ciara whose tiara is a smile so wide
You're the only girl who can turn my insides
Outside, sideways and upside down
Gonna sing a new song 'bout the love I found
So put your hands together when the weather is fine
We'll put our hands together, yeah yours in mine

And we'll sing about the love that summer brings
Another love for me to sing about the love that summer brings
Just a summertime fling
And we'll laugh at all the photographs of summertime's now gone and past
And all the love that we lost inbetween
Just a summertime fling

We used to drive around late on Friday night
Park down by the pier and watch the fading light
Singing songs and hanging out with all our friends
Praying that the summertime would never end
I remember that summer but I wonder does she?
Ever spend her nights up thinking 'bout me?
Wondering if this is how its meant to be
Or if things could've ended any differently
And the sand remembers every name you write
On the beach, laying out on a starry night
And if I could take it back, I would make you mine
If I could take it back to the summertime

Lyrics by Matt Daly


released October 11, 2012
Written by Matt Daly, Grant Cox, Max Shaffer, and Levi Driskell.
Recorded at Shockwave Studios.
Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Jordan Puckett.
Artwork by Max Shaffer.

Grant Cox - Lead & Background Vocals, Drums, Percussion, Handclaps
Matt Daly - Bass, Electric Guitar (Solo), Background Vocals, Handclaps
Max Shaffer - Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Background Vocals, Handclaps
Levi Driskell - Lead & Background Vocals
Jordan Puckett - Background Vocals, Handclaps
Faith Johnston - Background Vocals



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The Benefit Winchester, Indiana

The Benefit is an alternative rock band from East-Central Indiana that serves up a tasty musical palette by combining elements of funk, punk, and reggae to create a truly unique sound.

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